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Top 3 Museums in Dubai 2022

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

History buff or a future forecaster, Dubai has something for everyone. From the heritage quarters to the road to future, Add these top 3 destinations to your Dubai bucket list 2022.

The top must visit museums to visit in Dubai, 2022.

#1 - Museum of the Future

The trending phrase, “where the future lives” has come to life in the busy Sheikh Zayed area erecting what is termed a beacon of sanguine imagination. The promise of the future is never real unless one can truly see, touch, smell and experience its tangibility. Take a journey to what is the possible future in the latest infamous phenomenon, the Museum of the Future recently opened by Sheikh Mohammed. Described as one of the most beautiful buildings on the Earth, the circular façade is an outstanding symbolism of humanity, structured to represent the earth’s form and its anticipated great future (displayed in the hollow feature). Designed with stainless steel material and 1,024 pieces of structured specialised robot assisted processes, this incredible architecture is the perfect lure to one’s curiosity into the future. 225 feet in height, the prodigy is neatly embedded on a stretch covering up to 30,548 m2 in area.

Visitors both young and old will enjoy this wonder as there is something to interest everyone. Kids get to experience the fantasy of possible advancement of skills in the future. The exploration is designed to develop the imagination of children, innovate design and build possible future wonders. A dedicated expanse called ‘Future Heroes’ is reserved for free play encounters, filled with communicative and creative filled games, aimed towards inspiring future heroes. Video games are brought to life in this space, encouraging creativity, innovation and brave young ones to build the future.

With the world largely techno driven, technology has over the years been afforded the power to change the future make-up. Be it environmental, cultural, social or political, technology is driving the world today. ‘Tomorrow Today’ is an exhibition created from innovations integrated by various designers, researchers and corporations that are set to respond to the “ball rolling” change that is speeding up all aspects of the global make-up.

This is an unimaginable journey to 2071, neatly pioneering future innovations today. With the intention to create a better world in future years, this formidable display of futuristic upheaval is the perfect sight to see as visitors explore Dubai.

How to Reach the Museum of the Future


Easy to access via the Dubai metro system, visitors can reach this beautiful anatomy of the future in less than 20 minutes from Golden Sands Hotel Creek. Catch the Metro from either the Deira City Center or Al Rigga Street to reach conveniently.


Why not take a Taxi, Uber or Careem and reach this inspiring crown in less than 20 minutes. The front office personal on duty can help you book a taxi easily and conveniently. Just Dial 0 and let them know.


Follow this easy Google Location map to the Museum of the Future:


#2 - Dubai Museum

Looking for Historic traces, the Dubai Museum is the most relevant exhibition of historic display. Located in the Al Fahidi Fort and recorded as the oldest building in Dubai, this Museum showcases the historic fibre, culture and heritage of Dubai in the most authentic manner. The showcase of Glimpses into Dubai’s past will educate you on traces of the first discover of oil and map out a model picture of how everyday life looked like during that time.

Information: The Dubai Museum is currently closed for renovation and an update of its re-opening will be shared when ready.

Al Fahidi St, Bur Dubai - Opposite Grand Mosque - Dubai

Phone: +971 800 33222

#3 - Museum of Illusions

Experiencing real life illusions created around an art of ecstatic adventure are a promise of the Museum of illusions in Dubai. This fascinating world of illusions is uniquely structured to amaze one’s five senses. This unexplored visual and sensory display is both adventure filled and thoroughly educational to people of all kind and ages. Find Object illusions such as the Chair of illusion, Hypnotic illusions such as Turntables, Optical illusions such as Zoetrope, rotation illusions, Mirror illusions such as the Infinity Room and Tunnel, magic boxes and Holograms amongst many other exciting illusions.

Laws of perception, gravity, rotation and reflection amongst other scientifically defined laws are broken by these marvelous exhibitions. Watch an infinite space turn your world around and explore unbelievable jaw dropping wonders during this ecstatic exploration of the Museum of Illusions.

For as little as Dhs60, the Museum of illusions is open to all age groups allowing for both big and small groups. Visitors may also enjoy birthday parties and a few other selected celebrations in the midst of this illusive wonder. Visitors also get the chance to leave with classic souvenirs to retain the exciting memory of this illusory experience.


Telephone: +971 4 357 3999

Location: Al Seef, Dubai Creek, Dubai.

Open: Daily between 10 am – 10 pm


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