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Sustainability Initiative


At Golden Sands Hotel Creek, we understand the importance of a sustainable, green future. In our continuous effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we educate our esteemed guests and our staff/teams for the best possible practices for a greener future. The Hotel strives to comply with all sustainability regulations in the United Arabi Emirates. Additionally we take a proactive approach in planning sustainability initiatives for the incoming years. 

Wherever possible, Golden Sands Hotel Creek tries to implement the following:

  • Minimize use of electricity and light in suites and rooms upon guest check-in.

  • Daylight usage in common areas (where possible) is implemented.

  • Outdoor signages and lights are time bound and are switched off automatically during daylight.

  • Towel and linen re-use program communicated in rooms, suites and bathrooms.

  • Replacing physical guest directories with digital QR code versions.

  • Replace physical restaurant menus with digital QR code menus.

  • 93% of Golden Sands Hotel Creek's rooms are non-smoking.

  • Keycards required to keep lights switched on in rooms and suites.

  • Garbage bins strategically placed in rooms, suites, bathrooms and common areas.

  • Recyclable packaging of amenities used.

  • Participating in yearly Earth Hour events.

  • Local vendors used wherever possible, 

  • Preference to eco-certified suppliers wherever possible. 

  • Training teams/staff for sustainable practices.

By following the above, Golden Sands Hotel Creek aims to achieve:

  • Follow necessary environment policies, rules and regulations.

  • Educate the Hotel teams/staff and our guests so they can contribute to the planet.

  • Maximize usage of re-usable assets.

  • Reduce usage of natural resources and waste.

  • Use environmental friendly materials and chemicals.

  • Reduce pollution of land, air and water.

For a full list and details of our sustainability efforts please contact us at +971 4 212 7000 or send an email at

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