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Dubai Creek: Exploring Al Seef

Al Seef celebrates Dubai Creek's humble beginnings, fusing together the past, present and the future of this magnificent city in a destination for all to see.

Located at the bank of Dubai Creek, just across Golden Sands Hotel Creek, Al Seef is a must see for visitors of Dubai.

Dubai comes with a thrilling Historic foundation, which has over the years been expressed through the rustic contemporary location preserved over many decades. Take for example, Dubai Al Seef, a beautiful serene historic monument, dripping with the very origin of Dubai’s famous flare, is a bustling adventure spot and a breathtaking promenade laying along a 1.8km space, off the shore of the Dubai Creek waters.

Reaching Al Seef

Al Seef magnificent showcase consolidating both the Old and the New Dubai into one fabulous tourist attraction, has preserved the ancient architecture and modern architectural designs depicting both the old and the new Dubai. The attraction is a perfect area to indulge in a Dubai cultural and adventure filled exploration. It allow one to take in the Souk’s beauty, enjoy various dining delectable presentations, drink in the Creek Water’s splendor and quench a shopping addiction while grabbing a couple of ancient artifacts and souvenirs, as one enjoys a stay in the nearby Hotels.

One can enjoy a stay in the Golden Sands Hotel Creek’s five star Hotel, which offers a grand view of the Al Seef, while within quick reach to a crossing that sends one over the Creek waters to the Al Seef area.


The sandstone buildings and wooden roofing’s speak a beautiful history about the old Dubai’s architectural intelligence and profound origins.

Bringing together the old & the new

The adventurous alley walkways and shopping boardwalks, with neat displays of various cultural pieces are a sight for sore eyes. One can take a walk along the pedestrian pavements, affording them an opportunity to encounter the real old and new Dubai. The sandstone buildings and wooden roofing’s speak a beautiful history about the old Dubai’s architectural intelligence and profound origins. The area allows for day to day crossing using Dhows and Abra’s for fisherman and merchants. Visitors also get to enjoy an experience crossing the Creek waters to Dubai Al Seef using the Abra and mystique Dhows. Visitors may also use the Dubai Metro system that has enabled for easy transportation in Dubai.

Al Seef hosts Souq’s with exhibitions of local arts and crafts, textiles, spices, jewellery, traditional handcrafts, home decor items, souvenirs and many other quality heritage crafts. Addicted shoppers can enjoy a neat trend and style with the unique clothing Apparel. One can also indulge their fancy in designer watches and Perfume oils that leak of strong scents and receive a complete shopper’s satisfactory escapade.

This mystique old charm also lodges dining spots that offer different cuisine types. It’s no foreign encounter to enjoy the flavor filled ambience of Al Seef’s different culinary skills at play, as one walks through the ancient aura of Al Seef. Traditional Emirati dishes are a highlight and visitor’s taste buds are tickled by the exceptional dishes. Visitors get to enjoy both Café Dining and Restaurant dining where Arabian culinary skills meet American, Lebanese and Italian tastes, with Restaurants such as Kava & Chai and the Bateaux Dubai on the Creek waters, only to mention a few. Visitors can also enjoy an evening Dhow dinner cruise, while they are lavished with an appreciation of the breathtaking city views, as they dine and enjoy eccentric live music.


Visitors can avail packages for various types of celebratory needs as the Al Seef provides ideal options for celebrations. Much can be explored in this beautiful location, a list of things to do can be found here:

For your adventure and fun, Dubai Al Seef has an Outdoor play Museum and a Museum of Illusions which is created in the Vortex Tunnel. This is an exciting attraction not to miss during a visit to UAE. The museum of illusions will excitingly deceive your senses and allow you to explore a whole ecstatic spectre of illusion. Enjoy the play Museum, which offers puzzles and many games to top off your Dubai Al Seef Museum experience.

Open from 10am to 12:00 am daily.


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