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Experience the Magic of New Year Fireworks in Dubai

As the year draws to a close, Dubai transforms into a spectacle of lights and celebrations.

Fireworks @ Dubai
Dubai Celebrates!

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and the New Year's Eve fireworks are not just events; they are a grand display of the city's vibrant culture and spirit. If you're planning to witness this extravaganza, there's no place better than the Golden Sands Hotel Creek to enjoy these spectacular moments.

The lineup for the year-end and new year fireworks in Dubai sounds absolutely spectacular, offering a series of events that promise to be breathtaking:

Dubai Shopping Festival Fireworks

From the 15th to 24th December 2023, the Dubai Festival City Mall will light up the sky at 09:00 PM daily with breathtaking fireworks. As a guest at the Golden Sands Hotel Creek, you're just a short drive away from this shopping haven, making it convenient to enjoy both the shopping experiences and the nightly fireworks.

Historic Heart of Dubai: Al Seef

Experience the blend of Dubai's rich heritage and modern architecture at Al Seef. The fireworks here, from

24th December 2023 to 4th January 2024 at 09:00 PM daily, are a sight to behold. The Golden Sands Hotel Creek, with its close proximity to Al Seef, offers an easy commute to this historic and picturesque location.

Festival at Hatta

For those seeking a serene escape, the Hatta festival from 29th to 31st December 2023 is a must-visit. While it's a bit of a journey from the hotel, the experience of fireworks in the midst of nature at Leem Lake and Hatta Wadi Hub is uniquely memorable.

New Year's Eve Fireworks Extravaganza

The climax of the festive season is the New Year's Eve fireworks. The Golden Sands Hotel Creek is strategically located to offer you a splendid, panoramic view of the fireworks at iconic locations like Burj Khalifa, Al Seef, Festival City and the Dubai Frame. Each location promises a unique and unforgettable experience as you usher in 2024.

Into the New Year

Even after the New Year's Eve, the festivities continue. From 5th to 14th January 2024, Bluewaters and JBR will host nightly fireworks at 09:00 PM. These locations are easily accessible from the hotel, allowing you to continue enjoying the festive spirit.

People enjoying fireworks on NYE in Dubai
New Year Celebrations

The Golden Sands Hotel Creek isn't just a place to stay; it's your gateway to experiencing Dubai's most exciting year-end events. Its prime location near top shopping destinations like Deira City Center, Dubai Mall, Festival City Mall, and Al Seef Shopping and Heritage District, combined with the comfort and luxury it offers, makes it the perfect choice for your holiday stay in Dubai. Witness the sky light up in a myriad of colors and be a part of the joyous celebrations right from the heart of the city. Book your stay now and prepare to be mesmerized by Dubai's year-end fireworks!



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